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Charging the new breed of electric planes!

Peak 400

The Peak 400 is ideal for Speed 400 models and bigger park flyers.

  • Charges from one to ten "A", "AA" or "2/3 sub-C" NiCd or NiMH power packs from 12V DC input.
  • Peak detection ensures fully charged batteries every time; current is adjustable from 0.5A, 1.2A and 2.5A.
  • Features trickle charge currents of 40mA, 60mA and 100mA.
  • Very small, lightweight and economical.

Stock Number: GPMM3001

Peak 400

With rates of 0.5A, 1.2A and 2.5A, the peak 400 can offer the same speed and ease in charging 9- and 10-cell packs as it does for packs of 8 cells or less.

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