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LiPo Guarantee

  PolyCharge Charger

LiPo charging the way it should be: fast, easy & affordable!


With the PolyCharge, the benefits of LiPo packs are easy to enjoy and afford. There's no complicated programming, no costly computer chips – just a no-frills design that offers the basics of LiPo charging at the least possible price. Add a plane, a few packs and a 12V battery, and you have everything needed for hours of nonstop flying.

  • Perfect for 1-3 cell LiPo power packs in park flyers, helis and smaller 3D aerobats.
  • Light and compact for easy carrying and storage – and super simple to set up and use.
  • Automatically starts charging when the pack is connected – automatically ends charging when the pack is fully charged.
  • Buzzer and high-intensity blue LED signal diagnostic alerts and changes in charging status.
  • Includes alligator clips on 30" lead for input and standard red 2-pin connector on output.
  • Vented for cooler operation and longer life.

Stock Number: GPMM3010

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Adjusting charge rate to pack capacity takes only a moment and a touch on the selector switch. Choose from 250mA, 500mA or 1,000mA rates.
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The incredible power-to-weight advantage of LiPo packs can improve the performance of almost any electric aircraft – and Polycharge offers an simple, economical way to enjoy it.

PolyCharge Basics

  • Description: LiPo-only fast charger
  • Power source: 11-15V DC
  • For: 1-3 cell LiPo packs
  • Charge rates: 250, 500 and 1,000 mA
  • Charge termination: cc/cv (constant charge/constant voltage)
  • Sight/Sound alerts for: start/stop charge; high/low input voltage; reverse polarity (output) and loose/broken pack connection
  • Fuse-protected against overload
  • Dimensions: 2.2 in x 3.5 in x 0.9 in (55x88x23 mm)
  • Weight: 4.35 oz (123 g)

The LiPo Advantage

Compared to NiCds or NiMHs, LiPos:

  • Store more power per ounce.
  • Feature soft foil coverings (instead of heavy metal cans.)
  • Offer 3 times the voltage per cell. A 2-cell LiPo pack offers the same voltage as a 6-cell NiCd or NiMH pack – for less than half the weight.

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