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LiPo Guarantee

  PolyCharge4 Four-Output Lithium-Polymer Charger

Charge up to four LiPo batteries at once – with a single charger!

PolyCharge4ElectriFly‘s 12V DC PolyCharge4 works like four individual lithium-polymer battery chargers. Simultaneously, it can charge four LiPo batteries of 1-4 cells each — and it‘s easy to use. Just connect your packs and dial in the battery capacity on each output. The PolyCharge4 does the rest!

  • Four outputs independently charge 1-4 cell LiPo batteries.
  • Each charging output features push-button start/stop control and a 3-hour safety timer.
  • Audio and tri-color LEDs provide warnings for improper input voltage, output reverse polarity and more.
  • Includes built-in cooling fan plus reverse polarity and current overload protection on input. 1-year limited warranty.

Stock Number: GPMM3015

The last word in LiPo charging convenience!

inset 1

With its four independent outputs, the PolyCharge4 lets you charge multiple LiPo packs simultaneously without “ganging up” chargers. All controls and connections are easy to use.

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A simple adjustment dial lets you set the battery capacity for each output. The PolyCharge4 detects the number of cells and sets the charge current automatically based on your battery capacity selection.

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Tech Note
Important Tech Note

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Input Voltage: 12-15V DC
Number of Outputs: Four
Input Connectors: Alligator clips
Case Size: 8.19 x 1.50 4.96 in (208 x 38 x 126 mm)
Weight: 21.8 oz (617 g)

Specs for Each Output:

Battery Type: 1-4 lithium-polymer cells ONLY (3.7-14.8V)
Charge Control: Push button
Charge Termination: "Constant current/ constant voltage"
Battery Capacity Range: 300 - 3000mAh
Fast Charge Current: 300mA - 3.0A
Status Indicators: Tri-colored LED and audible buzzer
Output Connectors: Banana jacks
Safety Timer: 3 Hours maximum charge time

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