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Super Sportster EP Almost Ready-to-Fly Brushless Electric
Super Sportster EP

Pulse-pounding brushless power!

  • Outstanding sport aerobatic performance, with easy, trainer-like landings.
  • Uses a brushless motor/LiPo battery combo for more speed and power.
  • Factory-assembled and covered – including starburst trim!
  • Includes fiberglass cowl and wheel pants.

Super Sportster EP Motor
Engineered to keep weight to the minimum, this model excels with affordable sizes of LiPo batteries and brushless electronics. Install the RimFire™ .25 outrunner motor (GPMG4675) for exceptional performance.

Super Sportster battery compartment hatch
To access the spacious battery compartment, just lift off the magnetically secured hatch cover. You'll find plenty of room for easy installation of the recommended LiPo batteries.
Super Sportster fiberglass parts
The fiberglass cowl and wheel pants reduce weight and simplify assembly — there's no cutting or painting to be done. The rest of the model uses high-quality, built-up wood construction, covered in MonoKote film.

Super Sportster factory-hinged ailerons
Assembly can be completed in just a few evenings, thanks to such timesavers as factory-hinged ailerons. Even the Super Sportster starbust graphics are already applied using MonoKote film!

Super Sportster
Despite its economical and easy-to-transport size, the brushless Super Sportster EP ARF isn't a delicate park flyer – it's always ready to perform beautifully without waiting for those rare "perfect" flying conditions.

Super Sportster Flying
Relaxing on low rates, the brushless Super Sportster EP is a great first low-wing model. More experienced sport pilots can firewall the throttle and watch it really move!
Super Sportster EP 3-view
A 1982 advertisement described the original Super Sportster 40 kit as a "hot-looking aerobatic bombshell". That description also fits this brushless EP version – whose 21st century ARF engineering and construction produce the best-looking, best-flying electric Sportster to date!


Stock Number: GPMA1161
Wingspan: 48 in (1220 mm)
Wing Area: 383 in² (24.7 dm²)
Weight: 2.75-3 lb (1250-1360 g)
Wing Loading: 17-18 oz/ft² (52-55 g/dm²)
Length: 39 in (990 mm)
Requires: 4-channel radio w/3 servos, outrunner brushless motor, 45A brushless ESC & 11.1V LiPo battery

Product Recommendations:
Please note: all recommendations were the best choices available at the time of product release. Please check with your dealer for additional choices.

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GPMM1840 ElectriFly Silver Series 45A Brushless ESC
GPMG4675 ElectriFly RimFire™ .25 Outrunner Brushless Motor
GPMP0871 ElectriFly 11.1V 3200mAh 25c LiPo Battery

For a complete list of required items, consult the instruction manual.

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