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EPerformance Series
3D action on demand!

The origins of A. S. Yakovlev's full-size Yak-54 stretch back to WWII Russian fighters that helped to break the Luftwaffe. Winning performance is in its genes – and they shine once again in this all-wood park flyer 3D ARF. Using today's finest electric model engineering, it succeeds at any 3D maneuver...anytime, anywhere!

Expertly Covered in Top Flite MonoKote
  • Performs demanding precision and 3D aerobatics as well as larger models – at smaller sites, like parks and ball fields.
  • Assembles quickly from prebuilt structures of laser-cut balsa and ply.
  • Includes a complete hardware package designed specifically for E-Performance aircraft.

Easy to install, powerful brushless motors give the E-Performance Yak-54 ARF outstanding 3D flight performance.The model includes the hardware needed for mounting either an outrunner motor, like the ElectriFly RimFire 35-30-950 (GPMG4590), or an inrunner motor such as the ElectriFly Ammo 24-33-4040 (GPMG5165).


rudder and elevator
Rudder and elevator control surfaces, like the ailerons, are also oversized. They provide the E-Performance Yak-54 ARF with impressive pitch and yaw authority – giving the experienced and confident low-wing pilot the right tools for Walls, Parachutes, Blenders, and any other 3D maneuver imaginable.


oversized ailerons
Oversized ailerons provide impressive roll rates and superior control at all flying speeds. With reduced control throws, the Yak-54 is easy to fly. Maximize throws and it's 3D wild – ideal for parks and other small sites.


spacer magnetic latches
Magnetic latches on the cowl and battery hatch eliminate the need for screw fasteners – producing cleaner looks and improving aerodynamics. The magnets hold firmly in place during flight, but release quickly and easily for motor checks and LiPo pack changes.


Yak 54 parts
Great Planes designed the Yak-54 ARF specifically for superior 3D performance – with over a year spent in development. Easy to assemble, its strong, built-up wood airframe features carbon-fiber reinforced spars and is factory-covered in a lightweight, repairable film.


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Action shot 2
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tech note
Important Tech Note

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Stock Number: GPMA1542
Wingspan: 41 in (1040 mm)
Wing Area: 356 in² (23 dm²)
Weight: 24-27 oz (680-765 g)
Wing Loading: 9.7-10.9 oz sq/ft (30-33 g/dm²)
Fuselage Length: 38 in (960 mm)
Requires: 4-channel radio with 4 micro servos; RimFire™ 35-30-950 outrunner (GPMG4590) or Ammo™ 24-33-4040 inrunner (GPMG5165) brushless motor; 24 mm gear drive with 4.5:1 gear ratio (GPMG0505); 25 amp brushless ESC (GPMM1820); 3-cell 1250-2100mAh LiPo battery; and LiPo-compatible charger.
Recommended Accessories
Misc. hardware
FUTJ36** (4-ch fm) or TOWJ41** (4-ch fm)
see note below

FUTL0442 (4-ch fm lo) FUTL0443 (4-ch fm hi)
FUTL62** (LOW) FUTL63** (HI)
Servo Requires 4:
FUTM0414 (S3114 micro)
GPMG5165 (Ammo 24-33-4040) or GPMG4590 (RimFire 35-30-950kV)
GPMG0505 (for Ammo motor 4.5:1)
GPMM1820 (SS25)
GPMP0609 (1250 LiPo 11.1V 20C)
GPMP0617 (11.1V 2100C Balance)
Motor Pack
Flight Pack
Not available
GPMQ6660 10x4.5 Prop
GPMM3156 (Triton2 EQ), GPMM3015(PolyCharge4)

Note: Some models require a 3-channel radio system, but a 4-channel will also work and it's beneficial because the modeler can use it in a wider range of applications with larger aircraft in the future. It depends on whether the modeler plans on using their radio for different uses other than just this airplane. Also please note that some radios come with receiver, crystal and/or servos.

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