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Add performance and flair to electric planes!

Transparent E-Spinners

  • Lighter weight means less rotating mass for more power and quicker power changes.
  • The prop adapter hole is stepped for easier, more accurate reaming to fit any application.
  • All include a lightweight aluminum backplate.
  • Available in four popular diameters and three cool transparent colors!
  • Not for use with glow or gas engines.
A great upgrade for all E-performance Series ARFs!

Stock Numbers:
GPMQ4700 E-Spinner 1.5" Transparent Black
GPMQ4701 E-Spinner 1.5" Transparent Red
GPMQ4702 E-Spinner 1.5" Transparent Blue
GPMQ4708 E-Spinner 1.75" Transparent Black
GPMQ4709 E-Spinner 1.75" Transparent Red
GPMQ4710 E-Spinner 1.75" Transparent Blue
GPMQ4716 E-Spinner 2.0" Transparent Black
GPMQ4717 E-Spinner 2.0" Transparent Red
GPMQ4718 E-Spinner 2.0" Transparent Blue
GPMQ4724 E-Spinner 2.25" Transparent Black
GPMQ4725 E-Spinner 2.25" Transparent Red
GPMQ4726 E-Spinner 2.25" Transparent Blue

Aluminum E-Spinners & Adapters

Aluminum E-Spinners

ElectriFly Aluminum E-Spinners are machined for lightness as well as accuracy - and good looks are just part of the bargain. All four sizes include an ultra-thin backplate and mounting instructions. Adapters (required) are available separately - and adding the good looks of an aluminum spinner to your plane takes just minutes.

  • Designed especially for E-Performance Series ARFs!
  • All E-Spinners require an adapter.
  • 1-1/2", 1-3/4" and 2" spinners are compatible with 5 mm, 1/4"-28 and 5/16"-24 adapters.
  • 2-1/4" spinner is compatible with 1/4"-28, 5/16"-24 and 3/8"-24 adapters.
  • Not for use with glow or gas engines.

Stock Numbers:
GPMQ4703 1-1/2" Aluminum E-Spinner
GPMQ4711 1-3/4" Aluminum E-Spinner
GPMQ4719 2" Aluminum E-Spinner
GPMQ4727 2-1/4" Aluminum E-Spinner
GPMQ4730 5 mm Aluminum E-Spinner Adapter
GPMQ4731 1/4"-28 Aluminum E-Spinner Adapter
GPMQ4732 5/16"-24 Aluminum E-Spinner Adapter
GPMQ4733 3/8"-24 Aluminum E-Spinner Adapter

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