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Speed 280 Motors & Systems


Speed 280 Motor

This 280-size motor was designed for park flyers, or other airplanes that require a 280-size motor. The T-280 provides the muscle needed for aerobatic applications. Features a solid can, single wind armature, fixed timing and has bronze bushings.

  • Designed for 7.2-9.6V operation
  • Factory-installed capacitors
  • Factory-installed 2-pin female connector, designed to plug into Great Planes C-5 or C-10 speed controls.

Stock Number: GPMG0300


T-280GD Motor System

Quicker, stronger climbs, longer-lasting packs, extended flights — gear drives can deliver all three and this bushing-equipped system delivers them all with maximum economy. The bushed T-280 ferrite motor arrives with 2 capacitors and lead w/2-pin connector installed. The gearbox is sealed against dirt and dust, made of fiber-reinforced nylon for impact resistant strength. Equipped with a nylon gear-brass pinion combination that offers smooth mesh and long life with minimum maintenance.

Stock Number: GPMG0445

Designed for 7.2-9.6V operation
Thrust (w/included prop): 6.2 oz. (7.2V), 8.4 oz. (8.4V), 9.5 oz. (9.6V)
Includes: T-280 motor, 4.1:1 gearbox, brass pinion, APC 10 x 4.7 Slo-Flyer Prop, mounting hardware and pinion cement.
Requires: battery and wiring harness or electronic speed control (ElectriFly C-10 Micro High Frequency ESC [GPMM2010] recommended).

1 year
Download the manual
(48k PDF)

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