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Speed 300 Motor

T-370 6.0-9.6V Ferrite Motor

Larger diameter winds with fewer turns produce considerable torque for powering small electric R/C planes and medium-size park flyers. Designed to operate on 7.2-9.6V DC input. Made with ferrite magnets, and featuring forward rotation (counter-clockwise). Can be used with a gear drive.

Stock number: GPMG0310

Windings: 30 turns of 0.47 mm wire
Maximum rpm (unloaded): 29,000
Rotation direction: counter-clockwise
Output shaft diameter: 2 mm
Output shaft shape: round
Can diameter: 24.4 mm
Can length: 30.8 mm
Endbell type: closed
Weight: 44 g
Includes: capacitors and red 2-pin connector (preinstalled)

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