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Extra 330SC
Almost-Ready-to-Fly Electric Foam Aerobat

Extra 330SC
Extra light and easy, for unlimited 3D power!

The Extra 330SC performs 3D the same way it assembles: with virtually effortless ease and impressive results! Simplicity and factory-installed extras push assembly time to the minimum, while an all-up weight of just over 6 ounces pushes performance to the limit!

parts layout
All control surfaces are prehinged. The carbon-fiber wing spars are factory-installed, adding strength without extra weight or work. Simplified, laser-cut hardware and clever alignment jigs add even more time savings, cutting bench time to the bone!
At just over six ounces, the Extra 330SC performs brilliantly on a RimFire™ 250 — the smallest outrunner motor ElectriFly makes!

Large control surfaces and maximum throws put the wildest 3D aerobatics within easy reach.

control surfaces
All control surfaces are prehinged with 3M® Blenderm® for toughness, time-savings and assembly ease.
size revelance
Team Futaba member Jason Danhakl with the Extra 330SC prototype and the pilot's award for "Best Sport Performance" he won at the 2009 JR Indoor Festival.

A striking yellow and black trim scheme makes the Extra 330SC easy to track in the air and easy to admire anywhere.

Stock Number: GPMA1129
Wingspan: 32.5 in (825 mm)
Wing Area: 267 in² (17.2 dm²)
Weight: 6.2-6.8 oz (175-195 g)
Wing Loading: 3.3-3.7 oz/ft² (10-11 g/dm²)
Length: 35 in (890 mm)
Requires: 4-channel radio w/3 micro servos, outrunner brushless motor, 8A brushless ESC (min) & 7.4V, 300mAh LiPo battery.
3 M® and Blenderm® are registered trademarks of the Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company.

Product Recommendations:
Please note: all recommendations were the best choices available at the time of product release. Please check the web site or with your hobby dealer for additional choices.

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For the most complete list of required items, consult your instruction manual. Both the manual and the latest technical updates can also be found online, at

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